FB Open Mic Live

This Weeks Open Mic

For Performers


  • Did you go to the right page? You should see the Streamyard show happening and you are backstage.

  • Correct mic selected? Check Streamyards Cam/Mic settings (cogwheel) particularly if you have an external mic you want to use.

  • Mic working? Within Cam Mic Settings, you should see one or two green bobbles next to mic flickering.


  • Simply click on the link above - it will take you to Streamyard (but don't worry it won't take you live).

  • On the landing page - click the Settings (cogwheel) and make sure your Camera is working and select the correct one from the box. Select "720p" if it asks you for resolution.

  • On the same page, make sure your Audio is set to your microphone or whatever audio input you are using.

  • Close the Settings box using the the "X" in the top right corner.

  • You should have green writing saying "Mic is working".

  • Put a display name in (any name) and press big blue "Enter Broadcast Studio" button. You will arrive backstage and will be able to see the show but you are inaudible and only the host and other backstage guests can see you. On this page you have the ability to Privately Chat (text) to other guests and the host, and see the current stream of Comments coming in from Facebook. You will also be able to watch and hear the show. You will not be able to hear yourself until you go live, so the only way you know your audio is working at this point is the tests that you did before, and the little green sound meter in the audio cogwheel settings.

  • At the appropriate time the host will bring you into the studio.

  • A laptop or PC is best, but Android or Iphone work too. For Apple devices, the latest version of Safari is recommended. Otherwise Chrome is recommended.